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User Management

  • Invite User
    1. Log in to Contacto and choose the Quick Actions “Invite User” option.

      You can also invite users by going to the “Team Management” page.
      Note: Only the account owner or an admin user can invite users.
      You can learn more about role-based access here
    2. Fill in all of the requested details on the Team Management page — First Name, Last Name, Email, Role, and Team the user is associated with.

      Select Invite.
    3. An invitation email to create a user profile will be sent to the agent. The user will be marked as "INVITED" in the user list.
    4. Once the invitation has been accepted by the user, the status will be changed to “ACTIVE.”
  • Can I invite a user with a Gmail address?

    We do not support personal email addresses (such as those with a or domain, for example), hence you cannot invite someone with a personal email address to your account.

  • Why am I unable to invite users?
    • If you're having trouble inviting users, make sure you're the account's owner or an admin user. Furthermore, Contacto does not support personal email addresses (such as those with the or domain), so you cannot invite someone with a personal email address to your account.
    • If a user does not receive an invitation, request that they check their spam folder. You could try sending the invitation again. If you continue to have problems, contact our support team.
  • Is there a limit in the number of users that I can invite to an account?

    The number of users that needs to be invited is determined by the seats/users reserved at the time of contract signing.

  • Change the email of a user
    1. Our system does not allow you to change the email ID of a user.
    2. There might be various reasons why you would want to change the email ID of your user and hence we have come up with a solution that will help you change the Email ID.
      • Deactivate the existing user by following the instructions provided here.
      • Invite the user with the modified email ID.

    Note: Only an admin would be able to do this.

  • Deactivate a User
    1. Find the user you wish to deactivate in the user list in the Team Management section.
    2. Click into the user’s profile, then click the Deactivate User button.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.01.44_PM.png
    3. The user will still appear in the list of users but will no longer have access to the console, and will be listed as “deactivated.”


  • Reactivate a deactivated user

    You can send an invitation to the email address of the deactivated user, and once they accept, the user will be marked “Active.”

  • Delete a deactivated user

    Users cannot be deleted.

  • Different statuses of the users

    An user can be listed as Invited, Active, or Deactivated.

    1. When you send an invitation, the user’s status is set to “Invited.”
    2. When the user accepts the invite request, the status changes to “Active.”
    3. After a user is deactivated, the status changes to “Deactivated.”
  • User Roles

    Contacto provides three different user roles:

    1. Administrators have access to the admin console, which allows them to:
      • Create Teams
      • Invite Users
      • Create queues and flows
      • Create call and chat channels
      • Set business hours and holidays
      • Assign skills
      • Purchase phone numbers
      • Set up integrations
      • Manage billing
    2. Agent: Agents are the end users of the Contacto agent desktop. They have access to the agent desktop and can handle service requests through any of the channels you set up
    3. Supervisors: Within the agent desktop, supervisors have access to the same features as agents. They also have access to live monitoring and call center analytics on the Contacto Console.
  • Change User Roles
    1. To change a user's role, go to the Team Management section and select the user from the user list.
    2. Select Administrator, Supervisor, or Agent from the Role drop-down menu.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.14.32_PM.png
    3. When you choose a new role, the change takes effect immediately and the new role is added to the user list.


  • Creating skills for users

    Administrators can assign different skill sets to users to classify what skill sets a specific agent possesses and at what level. Each organization can configure skills that are specific to their industry.

    1. Navigate to the console's Routing section and select Skills, then Create Skill.
    2. Enter a Skill Name and indicate whether a skill level is required. Then, using numbers ranging from 1 to 100, enter the Min and Max levels. To save, click "Create Skill".
  • Add skills to users
    1. Visit the user list to apply a skill to a specific user. To associate a skill with a user, select the user’s profile/name, select a skill from the drop-down along with the skill level (1-100), then click the plus (+) button.

      You can add multiple skills to a user by following the same.
    2. You can bulk-add skills in two ways:
      • Check the box at the top of the list, then click the Add Skills button.
      • If you only want to bulk add skills for specific users, check the box to the left of their profiles and then click the Add Skills button.
        Note: Skills can only be added to “Invited” and “Active” users.
  • Create a New Team

    Teams enable you to group agents in ways that make sense for your business. Individuals on a team may work in the same geographic region (for example, US Support and EU Support), or support specific products or services, or provide support in a specific language.

    1. Navigate to the Team Management section, then to Teams.
      Click on “Create Team”
    2. Fill in the team name, then click “Next Step” on the bottom right to add team members
    3. Click on “Add” button adjacent to the user names to add them to the team.

      After the team member is added, the status changes to “Added”.
    4. Click on “Create Team”.
  • Add a User to a Team
    1. Click on a team profile on the users page.
    2. Click into the members section. Use the search bar to find a specific user, or use the plus button and select an entry from the list of users.
    3. Click Add to assign each selected user to the team.
    4. When you finish adding users, click Save Changes.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.28.28_PM.png


  • Remove a user from a team
    1. Click on the Teams profile on the Team Management page.
    2. Click into the members' section.
    3. Click “Remove” against the user name
    4. Click on “Save Changes”