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Aspect of View Conversations

  • What details are available for a conversation?

    After you click on a Conversation from the list, you will find the below information:

      1. Conversation exchanges between agent(s) and customer(Available only for text-based conversations that is WhatsApp, Chat and Messaging channels).
      2. Customer details
      3. Ticket History (if there is an active ticket integration)
      4. After conversation work
      5. Channel name
      6. Call recordings (Only available for conversations involving outgoing and incoming calls)
      7. Initiate conversation
  • What records are available under a view?
    1. A view lists the conversations that satisfy all the filter conditions applied while creating the view.
    2. The available columns that can be displayed under a view are:
      • Conversation ID: A system-generated unique ID assigned to each conversation. This is a mandatory field and cannot be deselected while creating a view.
      • Customer Name: The name of the customer with whom the conversation happened.
      • Created date: The date on which the conversation was
      • Agent Name: Name of the agent who handled the conversation.
      • Team: The name of the team to which the conversation was routed to. This will populate only for incoming conversations.
      • Conversation Direction: The direction of the conversation with respect to Contacto. This column can have 2 values, Incoming and Outgoing.
      • Disposition: The disposition that the agent selected while resolving the conversation.
      • Conversation state: System-generated values that define how did the conversation proceed. The different states are grouped into 2 groups of answered and unanswered states.
        • Answered
          • Customer answered : When the customer answers the call
        • Unanswered
          • Dropped: When the customer dropped off the call before the call was routed to an agent.
          • Agent Assignment failed: Assigned when none of the agents was available to route the conversation
          • Customer didn't respond: When the customer did not answer the call.
          • Enqueue failed: When the queue capacity is full
          • Out of business hour: When the customer reaches out to support during non-operational hours
          • Queue timeout: When none of the agent’s did not accept the conversation request
      • Wrap-up note: A summary of what happened in the conversation. Entered by the agent while closing the conversation, during wrap-up.
      • Channel: The channel through which the conversation proceeded. There are 5 values that this column can resolve to, Call, Chat, SMS, Whatsapp, and Omnichannel for multichannel conversations.
      • Created time: The time at which the conversation started in the local timezone.
      • Contact: Phone number/ email address of the customer.
      • Contacto Phone number: The Contacto phone number that was used for the conversation. This will be empty for Chat conversations.
      • Ticket ID: Ticket ID associated with the conversation fetched through the enabled integration, if exists.
      • CSAT: Contains the customer satisfaction score, if requested.
      • Hangup Source: The source that closed the conversation.

    Apart from these, a user can also hear the call recordings for the call channel conversations directly without opening the conversation by clicking on the “play recording” icon beside the conversation ID.

    Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.20.59 PM.png
    A user can also initiate a conversation with the user by scrolling to the “Contact” column and hovering over the contact.

    Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.30.15 PM.png