What records are available under a view?

  1. A view lists the conversations that satisfy all the filter conditions applied while creating the view.
  2. The available columns that can be displayed under a view are:
    • Conversation ID: A system-generated unique ID assigned to each conversation. This is a mandatory field and cannot be deselected while creating a view.
    • Customer Name: The name of the customer with whom the conversation happened.
    • Created date: The date on which the conversation was
    • Agent Name: Name of the agent who handled the conversation.
    • Team: The name of the team to which the conversation was routed to. This will populate only for incoming conversations.
    • Conversation Direction: The direction of the conversation with respect to Contacto. This column can have 2 values, Incoming and Outgoing.
    • Disposition: The disposition that the agent selected while resolving the conversation.
    • Conversation state: System-generated values that define how did the conversation proceed. The different states are grouped into 2 groups of answered and unanswered states.
      • Answered
        • Customer answered : When the customer answers the call
      • Unanswered
        • Dropped: When the customer dropped off the call before the call was routed to an agent.
        • Agent Assignment failed: Assigned when none of the agents was available to route the conversation
        • Customer didn't respond: When the customer did not answer the call.
        • Enqueue failed: When the queue capacity is full
        • Out of business hour: When the customer reaches out to support during non-operational hours
        • Queue timeout: When none of the agent’s did not accept the conversation request
    • Wrap-up note: A summary of what happened in the conversation. Entered by the agent while closing the conversation, during wrap-up.
    • Channel: The channel through which the conversation proceeded. There are 5 values that this column can resolve to, Call, Chat, SMS, Whatsapp, and Omnichannel for multichannel conversations.
    • Created time: The time at which the conversation started in the local timezone.
    • Contact: Phone number/ email address of the customer.
    • Contacto Phone number: The Contacto phone number that was used for the conversation. This will be empty for Chat conversations.
    • Ticket ID: Ticket ID associated with the conversation fetched through the enabled integration, if exists.
    • CSAT: Contains the customer satisfaction score, if requested.
    • Hangup Source: The source that closed the conversation.

Apart from these, a user can also hear the call recordings for the call channel conversations directly without opening the conversation by clicking on the “play recording” icon beside the conversation ID.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.20.59 PM.png
A user can also initiate a conversation with the user by scrolling to the “Contact” column and hovering over the contact.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.30.15 PM.png

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