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Voice Components

  • Voice components that can be used in flow
    1. IVR Menu - refers to the system that greets callers, presents them with a menu of options, and routes their calls accordingly based on their selections.
    2. Get Input - refers to a feature that prompts callers to provide specific information or input during a call through automatic speech recognition.
    3. Initiate Call - helps initiate an outbound call to an external phone number or endpoint.
    4. Route Call - allows you to forward incoming calls to an external phone number.
    5. Hangup - You can use the Hangup component to end a call.
    6. Play Audio - You can use the Play component to play an audio file from a remote URL or a text prompt (Basic/Amazon Polly) to a caller.
    7. Record Audio - This enables to capture and store audio recordings of customer interactions with agents during phone calls.
    8. Multiparty Call - This component starts a new phone conversation and adds participant(s) to it.
      Ex: When an agent places an outgoing call, a new MPC starts and when the customer answers the call, he/she is added as a participant to the same MPC.
    9. Customer Feedback - This allows you to gather the evaluation provided by customers regarding their experiences with the contact center's services, interactions with agents, and overall satisfaction levels.