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Analytics Overview

  • Overview


    The latest version of our Contacto Analytics dashboards comes with several enhancements to elevate your experience:

    • Omnichannel Insights: With Contacto's omnichannel capabilities, you can now view complete conversations that span multiple channels. The new dashboards provide comprehensive insights, including:
      • # of Unique Customers on Operation Metrics: Understand how many unique customers were engaged in a certain time period.
      • Total Conversations and Total Channel Conversations: Gain insights into the # of conversations initiated by customers or agents across channels, along with utilization for each channel.
      • Daily Trends for Average Handle Time and Wrap-up Time: Monitor and analyze the daily trends in these critical metrics to enhance operational efficiency.

    • Enhanced Visualizations: To offer you a clearer and more intuitive understanding of your data, we've improved the visualization and reporting formats for certain KPIs.

    The analytics dashboard section can be found under User Profile → Metrics


    There are two types of dashboards:

    1. Live dashboards
      • These present real-time data, providing a dynamic and up-to-the-minute view of current metrics.
      • It allows users to drill down into specific metrics, and observe changes in real-time.
    2. Reports
      • Reports typically contain historical data and are generated at specific intervals (daily, weekly, etc.).
      • It allows end users to see large amounts of historical data in detail and is suited for in-depth analysis of trends, patterns, and performance over time.