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  • What’s the billing cycle for phone numbers?

    Contacto uses a monthly billing cycle for phone numbers that begins on the first of each month, which means we charge you on the first of each month for the numbers in your account. When you buy a phone number, you'll notice two charges: monthly rental fees and a setup fee.

    1. Monthly Rental Fee: Whether or not the number was used, monthly rental fees are charged. If the phone number was rented in the middle of a billing cycle, the rental fees are prorated. There are two kinds of monthly rental fees: 
      • Prorated monthly rental fee: The rate in the first month of acquiring a new phone number.
      • Advance monthly rental fee: At the beginning of the second month, the rate charged for existing phone numbers.
        For example, if the monthly rental fee for a number is $1, you'll be charged $1 if you buy it on the first of the month. If you buy it on another day, you'll only be charged for the days left in the month. The amount will be your monthly recurring charge divided by 30 times the number of days left in the month (monthly recurring fee / 30 * days left).
    2. Setup Fee: The setup fee is a one-time charge that is applied at the time of purchase. This fee covers the setup, configuration, and provisioning of numbers with our carriers. You can view the setup fee, if any, before obtaining the number.

    Summary of charges with examples:

    Assume a $1 monthly rental fee and no setup fee.


  • How do I unrent a number?

    If you no longer need a phone number, you can delete it from your Contacto account using the console. Go to Channels >  Phone Numbers and select the number to be removed. A window will open on the right side where you can either edit or delete the number. Click Delete number to delete the number.


  • How can I bulk unrent numbers?

    Numbers cannot be unrented in bulk from Contacto Console. If you require assistance, please Contact our support team.

  • I unrented a number by mistake. How can I reclaim it? Will I be charged if I reclaim the number?

    If you unintentionally unrented a number and would like it returned, contact our support team. We will verify the availability of the number and reinstate it if it’s still available. If the number is unavailable, we’ll try to get a similar number for you. You will be charged for the number in the same way that you would be for a new one