Scheduled Callbacks

Scheduled callbacks refer to prearranged calls made by an agent to a customer at a mutually agreed-upon time. This approach ensures that the customer receives assistance at their convenience and can be especially helpful in resolving issues that may require additional time or resources to address.

Here is an example use-case: 

  1. A customer orders Grocery on a Grocery App online. After placing the order, some items went out of stock. An agent reaches out to the customer to inform them about the same and to check if they would want to add any other item/s in place of the out-of-stock ones.  In some cases, the customer might ask the agent to call them back again later at a scheduled time.
  2. The agent needs to capture this request and be reminded to call the customer as per their requested date/time, or else they will lose track of the customer and eventually lose business.
  3. Agents can now schedule a callback task for a customer for a specified date and time or immediately by clicking the below icon: 
  4. The screen below appears when clicking the icon.

    • Here, you can schedule the callback for a later point in time by selecting the desired timezone and the time at which the callback must be assigned. Or, the callback can be scheduled on an immediate basis as well.
    • The agent can assign the scheduled call back to a destination flow(Task Destination) so that the call back will be assigned to an agent.
    • After clicking the Create Task Button, the following dialogue box appears on the Conversation window. 
  5. Once the other agent receives and accepts the scheduled callback, this is how their screen would look: 

  6. In scenarios where the callback is scheduled, but none of the agent/s are available, the following message would be displayed. 




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