How can we create conference in an active call?

  1. Agents can now add external participants to a voice call with a customer with our conferencing capability.
    • Up to 2 external participants can be added to the call to have a conference call.
    • All conference calls can be recorded.
    • Call conferencing can be done for outbound as well as inbound calls.
    • External participants can be added to the call in 2 ways:
      • Dialing the number OR
      • From the list of External Numbers added to “Destinations” in the Routing section of the admin page.
  2. Example: Call conferencing would be helpful in scenarios where the agent and the customer are on an ongoing call and the agent wants to add an external member to the call.
    • To add another member to an existing call, click on Add Participant
    • You can search for the external number or enter the number manually and then click on Call Number
    • Once the third member joins, click on the Merge icon to add the member to the conference. 


    • Now, all the participants would be a part of the same conference. 

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