Configuring routing algorithm for my organization.

  1. Navigate to Settings → Conversations → Routing, where you will find various fields to configure your organization's routing algorithm.
  2. Agent Reservation Timeout - You can set the duration (in seconds) for which a contact assignment request is shown to the agents. This can be configured for all the channels - Call, Text, Chat, WhatsApp, Task, and Callback.
  3. Agent Capacity
    • Release agent capacity during ACW - When enabled, the agent’s capacity will be released for a new assignment while they are in ACW mode for resolved conversation(s).
    • Number of contacts that an agent can concurrently handle - It allows to set the maximum number of unique conversations an agent can simultaneously handle for each channel. No new requests will be assigned once the capacity is reached.
      • Concurrent Calls - Always 1, as an agent can only take one call at a time.
      • Concurrent Messages - 1 - 100
      • Concurrent Chats - 1 - 10
      • Concurrent WhatsApp - 1 - 100
      • Concurrent Tasks - 1 - 100
      • Concurrent Callback - 1 - 100

        Note: At any point, an agent can handle the total number of concurrent contacts across all the channels.
  • Sticky Agent - Enabling agent stickiness based on outbound conversation enables the system to remember agent information for a contact from an outgoing conversation and route the call to the same agent when an incoming call is received from the same contact.
    • Expiry of Outbound agent information - Set the stickiness time in days or hours.
    • No Expiry - Check this if you do not want the stickiness to expire.
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