Create Connected Apps

  1. Connected apps is a functionality within a platform or service that allows developers to register and configure an application to securely integrate with the platform's APIs and services.
  2. Navigate to Settings → General → Connected Apps
  3. Below is an example of setting up Connected Apps with Zoho:
    • Click on Connect New App
    • Provide a name and select the App type as “Generic”
    • The Callback URL will be by default set as Contacto’s URL:
    • Provide Zoho’s Auth URL as well as the Access Token URL
    • Provide the Client ID and Client Secrets issues during the Application registration process

    • Provide the Scope of the access request,Desk.contacts.ALL,Desk.Search.READ,Desk.settings.ALL,Desk.basic.READ
    • Select the type of Client Authentication
      In this case, select “Send as Basic Auth header”
    • Click on “Connect App”.
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