Add/Delete Disposition and Sub-Disposition

  1. Disposition refers to the outcome or resolution of a customer conversation. It could indicate whether the issue was resolved satisfactorily, whether further action is required, or any other relevant information about the interaction.
  2. You can add sub-dispositions to a disposition. This will give the agents more granularity to choose the outcome or resolution of the conversation.
  3. You can add/delete dispositions as well as sub-dispositions based on your business needs. To configure this, navigate to Settings → General → Disposition lists
  4. There will be some default dispositions already available, however, you can choose to add as per your needs and disable the ones that do not fit your requirements.
  5. You can click on “Add Disposition” to add a new one, and provide the name of the disposition. Similarly, you can add a Sub-Disposition under the Disposition and click on “Add Disposition”.
  6. If an admin wants to delete a disposition, there is an option to disable it but it will still be available as disabled and cannot be removed from the screen.
    • The admin can disable the Status button for the disposition that needs to be disabled.
    • Disabling a disposition would also disable its sub-dispositions.
  7. Below is a representation of how it appears on the agent side when they want to assign a disposition:

    It will appear in the same order as configured in the Settings, however, you can rearrange them by dragging and swapping in the list.
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