Add/Delete agent status.

  1. Navigate to Settings → General → Agent Status → Status List
  2. You will find 6 default agent statuses for which the status type cannot be changed as it would impact routing and automatic status changes. You can, however, change the color coding for the status by clicking on one of the available colors.
  3. Add Agent Status:
    • Click on ‘Add Status’ option
    • Fill in the below details:
      1. Status Name - Provide the name of the status based on your organizational needs.
      2. Color of the Status - Select a color to represent the status.
      3. Status Type - Select the availability type for the status.
      4. Click on ‘Add Status’
  4. Delete Agent Status:
    • Click on the Status that you would like to delete
    • Click on ‘Delete Status’
    • You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

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