Chatbot Configuration using the available Chat components.

  1. An admin can configure a chatbot within a flow that is configured to handle an incoming chat. The chatbot interacts with the customer before and/or after the interaction with an agent.
  2. An admin can use a combination of Send Chat and Send and Await Reply/Menu Button components in Flow for the bot to send messages to the user.
  3. Customer responses can be received through the following mechanisms:
    • Text
    • Text replies from Buttons
  4. Admin can configure the type of response that is expected to be received from the customer and choose to validate the customer’s response.
  5. Only the first text response received from the customer will be validated if a response format is defined. Similarly, the first button selection will be used to decide the chatbot’s flow.
    Any following button selections for the previous message will not be considered as inputs.
    Here are 2 ways of using Send and Await Reply and Menu Button components:
    • Case 1:
      • Send & Await Reply - To send a message to the user and wait for the response.
      • Branch - To evaluate the response received from the user for the Send & Await Reply component.
    • Case 2:
      • Menu Button - To send a message to the user, wait for the response and also evaluate it.

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