What is the process for porting in a number?

To complete a port-in request, follow these steps.

Step 1: Gather the necessary supporting documents and open a support ticket.

Step 2: Plivo CX Service will submit your request for porting to both new and old carriers.

Plivo determines whether the requested phone number is eligible for porting and submits the request to the new carrier. Once the new carrier has verified the porting request, it is sent to the partner carrier (the one from which you are porting a number), which will validate the request for legitimacy. This procedure usually takes five to seven business days. The porting request will be pending with the current carrier at this time, and no action is required until the carrier releases the number.

Step 3: Within a few days the carrier will contact Plivo with information about whether the port request was rejected or approved.

If the request is rejected, we’ll contact you to resubmit the porting request and restart the porting process with the correct details as per the explained initial rejection. This procedure can take between 10 and 15 days. The best way to avoid having your port request rejected is to submit the exact information that your current carrier has on file. Please confirm this information with your current carrier.

You can also find the information in your Customer Service Record. A CSR is a document that contains the service address of the phone number being ported and serves as proof of phone number ownership for all phone number porting requests.

Learn more about the reasons why a porting request might be denied.

If the request is approved, we will receive a Firm Order Commitment (FOC) indicating when your number will be available with the new carrier.

Step 4: We’ll contact you with the FOC and the porting date.

We will notify you via email of your port date. We will add the numbers you want to port two days before the FOC date so that you can configure it based on your requirement. This will avoid any service interruption or downtime for the newly ported number. Once the port is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation email so you can start using the phone number.

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