Why might a porting request be rejected?

Here’s a list of common reasons why a porting request may be denied.

  1. Date/name/address mismatch: The information you provided on your LOA differs from what your current carrier has on file in their CSR. The information on the LOA should exactly match the information on the CSR, especially the authorized user, service address, and ZIP or postal code.

  2. Number is inactive: Your phone numbers must be active with the losing carrier. You must contact the losing carrier and reinstate the number to resolve this rejection. Once the number is activated, resubmit the port request.

  3. Unauthorized contact or signature: The person with the authority to make changes to the account is not the same as the person who signed the LOA. Contact the carrier to update the person authorized to make changes on the account. Resubmit the port request once they’ve updated your information.

  4. Incorrect wireless account PIN: To port wireless numbers, you must provide a PIN. This problem occurs when the PIN assigned to a wireless phone number differs from the one on file with your current carrier. Contact the carrier to obtain the PIN that’s stored on their system. Resubmit the port request once you have the correct PIN number.

  5. Incorrect/missing account number: Contact your current carrier to obtain the account number on file. Resubmit the port request once you have this information.

  6. Invalid billing telephone number: The billing phone number is usually a master number that’s used to identify an account with multiple phone numbers. Contact the losing carrier to obtain the billing telephone number they have on file to resolve this rejection. Resubmit the port request once you have this information.

  7. Pending service request: If another service request is pending with the current carrier for the same number, the request may be rejected. You can ask your current carrier to suspend any competing service requests so that the new porting request can be processed.
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