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  • What’s the difference between a warm transfer and a cold transfer?

    In either kind of transfer, an agent (U1) passes a customer call (U2) to another user  (U3).

    • With a warm transfer, the user (U1) who initiates the transfer can stay connected to the customer (U2) and the transferred user (U3). The U1 and U3 can speak privately before U2 is added to the call
    • With a cold transfer, the customer (U2) is connected directly to the user to whom the call is transferred (U3) and the agent initiating the cold transfer (U1) is disconnected from the call.
  • How can I set a default caller ID for outgoing calls?
    1. Go to Channels > Outgoing and click Configuration. Select from the drop-down the number that you want to set as the default caller ID. The drop-down lists all the numbers that you have in your Contacto account.Screenshot_2022-12-23_at_9.05.30_PM.png
    2. Once you’ve selected a number, click Save.




  • Can I set an external number as caller ID?
    1. Navigate to Channels > Outgoing and click External Caller IDs. Click Add New.
    2. Provide the number (including country code) and an alias name.
      Click ‘Add External Caller ID’.
    3. After it is successfully added, it will appear in the list.
  • How can I enable or prevent agents from selecting or changing a caller ID when placing calls?
    1. Go to Settings → Calls → Outgoing and toggle the Caller ID setting to either allow agents to select a caller ID while making calls or force them to stick to the default caller ID.
    2. Click Save to save your changes

  • How to set up Record Controls?
    1. Navigate to Settings → Calls → Other Settings
      Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 11.58.31 PM.png
    2. There are 3 controls for record:
      • Incoming call recording - When enabled, all the incoming calls will be recorded.
      • Outgoing call recording - When enabled, all the outgoing calls will be recorded.
      • Allowing agents to pause and resume call recording - Enabling this allows the agent to pause or resume call recording while handling an active call.

    Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 12.00.24 AM.png