Set up an incoming call flow

  1. Navigate to Routing → Flows and select Create New Flow.
  2. You can title the flow in the top left hand corner of the screen, “Demo - Incoming Call” for example.
  3. A ‘Start’ node appears on the screen, this is where the PHLO execution will begin. To connect the starting node to another, browse the menu on the left hand side which include Voice, Messaging, Email, Chat, WhatsApp and Functions.
  4. Drag and drop Business Hours from the Functions menu to ensure the customer request is within your operating business hours. Drag a line from the Incoming Call box of the ‘Start’ node and connect it to the ‘Business Hours’ node.

    You can then select the business hours to be used in the routing decisions in the pop up menu.
  5. The next step is to ‘Queue and Route’ the customer, drag this option from the Functions menu onto the screen and connect it to the Business hours node.

    In the pop-up menu, you can select a ‘Queue’, configure the ‘Channel’ settings, and ‘Route and Assign’ the customer to the team(s)/agent(s) who will manage requests from this queue.
  6. If a customer calls outside the operating business hours you have selected, you can ensure the customers hear a voice message of your choosing.  Drag the ‘Play Audio’ option from the Voice menu and attach this node to the ‘No Match’ box of the Business Hours Node. 

    In the pop-up menu, you can compose the message you would like your customers to hear, and similarly upload any other Audio Prompts.
  7. Once you have completed your flow, you can Save as Draft, or directly Publish the flow.
  8. To associate this flow to your business number, navigate to Channels → Calls → Phone Numbers.
    Click on the phone number, then select the specified flow from the 'Routing Workflow' menu.

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