API Integration Request & Get Object

  1. The users can use their existing integrations and trigger them using a flow. 
  2. Example: 

    • These are the active integrations and we will use them to build a use case.
    • A user reaches out to us via chat and with their phone number we fetch the contact details and the tickets associated with that user on Zendesk. 

    • The API Integration Request component is configured with the Incoming Chat. With this component we can fetch the contact details through the phone or email by selecting the Zendesk API to get the contact from the list of available APIs in the dropdown. The drop down will list all the APIs configured in the Zendesk integration.

    • The value that we would pass to trigger the API would be {{start.chat.from}} which would either be the email ID or the phone number. 
    • The API Integration component would return a list and to fetch data from that list we can use the Get Object Component. 
    • When we navigate to the Get Object Component we have different variables that we can use to fetch data in the component.
    • We can attach other components to the Get Object component and build the flow as per our use-case. 
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