1. The Counter component enables branching the flow based on the number of times it's executed. Each encounter with the counter node results in an increment of the counter.
  2. Increment the count until it reaches: You can mention the maximum number of times the counter can be executed.
  3. States: Counter component is set to Count Reached state when the component is executed Max Count number of times. Otherwise, it is set to the Count Not Reached state.

  4. In the above example, when an incoming call is received, the Queue and Route_1 component is triggered. 
  5. If either of the following conditions are met, then the Counter_1 node is triggered: Enqueue Failed, Wait Timeout, Assignment Failed. 
  6. The Queue and Route_1 will get triggered until the counter value is reached. Since the counter value is set to 1, the Queue and Route_1 component will be executed once. If the count is reached, then the next node will execute(if configured). In the above example, when the count is reached, a prompt will be played to the caller.


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