HTTP Request

  1. The HTTP Request component sends requests to APIs. Optionally, the data retrieved from the API can be utilized in the connected child nodes.
  2. Request URL and HTTP method are mandatory. HTTP methods supported are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.
  3. Upon clicking "Fetch Response", Contacto initiates an API request to retrieve and store the response. 
  4. If the Response Type/Format is set to application/JSON, the keys in the response become configurable in the child nodes.
  5. Ex: The HTTP Request component can be further attached to the Send Message Component and the variables/keys can be configured. We can send an SMS along with the employee details in the below manner: 
  6. Headers, Auth, and Params are key-value pairs. Headers and Params have an option to bulk edit. Bulk edits must be specified in JSON format.
  7. You can configure authorization mechanisms in the Auth tab. We support three kinds of authorization:
    • Basic Auth
    • Bearer Token (JWT/OAuth)
    • OAuth2
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