Business Hours

  1. This function allows you to select the business hours for the Queue based on your requirements. You can select from a list of ‘Business Hours’ defined in your Contacto account.
  2. The operational hours of a business could vary based on the geographies (countries), agents’ shift hours, target market and various other factors.
  3. For example, retail stores often have longer hours on weekends or during holiday seasons to accommodate increased customer traffic.
  4. When the business is NOT operational, they would inform the customer about their unavailability and could have additional processes to manage the contact.
  5. For example, in the routing workflow, an admin can add the 'Business Hours' component and select the operational hours from the available options before the Queue and Route component. This ensures that contacts are added to the queue only if they reach out during operational hours.
  6. For each of the selected operational queues, a different business hours check could be performed.
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