What are the different actions I can perform on the existing snippets?

The actions that can be performed on an existing snippet are Search, Edit, and Delete.

  1. You can search an existing snippet using the search bar. The snippets would be listed in an order prioritized based on the match between the search keyword and the tags, the next being the partial match between the tag and the keyword, and finally the text match within the body of the snippet.
  2. You can edit an existing Snippet by hovering over the snippet and clicking on the icon on the right.
    • Here you can make changes to the body of the snippet, the channels, and the tags associated with it.
    • Once you have made the changes, click on “Save Snippet” on the bottom right to save the changes.
  3. To delete an existing snippet, hover over the snippet and click on the icon on the right.
    • A prompt will appear to confirm the deletion, click on delete to proceed and the template will be deleted.
    • Additionally, if you want to delete Snippets in bulk, select the snippets by clicking on the checkboxes beside them. Once you have selected the Snippets that you want to delete, click on the icon as highlighted in the screenshot below.


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