Set up an outgoing call flow

  1. Navigate to Routing > Flows and select Create New Flow.
  2. You can title the flow in the top left-hand corner of the screen, “Simple outbound flow” for example.
  3. A ‘Start’ node appears on the screen, this is where the PHLO execution will begin. To connect the starting node to another, browse the menu on the left-hand side which includes Voice, Messaging, Email, Chat, WhatsApp, and Functions.
  4. Drag and drop the ‘Multiparty Call’ component from the Voice menu. Drag a line from the Outbound Call box of the ‘Start’ node and connect it to the ‘Multiparty Call’ node.

  5. Once you have completed your flow, you can Save as Draft, or directly Publish the flow.
  6. Now, navigate to Channels → Calls → Outgoing Calls → Configuration.
    Select the created flow from the dropdown.
  7. Following this step, when an agent places an outgoing call, this flow will be triggered.
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