How can I create a Support Ticket?

  1. You can directly navigate to the Contacto Support portal and click on Create New Ticket.

    You can click on the Support icon present on the bottom left as highlighted in the screenshot below which will redirect you to the same Support portal.
  2. You would need to fill in the below details:
    1. Your email address
    2. Subject - A subject line that describes your question or problem
    3. Description -  A description of the problem (along with samples) or query
    4. Product Type - The query's classification (to be selected from a drop-down menu)
    5. Attachments (if any)
  3. In case you are facing a business-impacting issue, you would need to sign in and the Priority field will appear to be selected. You can select P1 from the drop-down and submit it.

  4. To create the ticket, click Create a New Ticket.
    A member of our support team will look into your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

From the support homepage or the ticket portal, click ‘Check Ticket Status’ to see the status of a previous ticket.

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