Customer Metrics

  1. This report provides insights into various aspects of the customer experience, satisfaction, and behavior.
  2. This is included in reports to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Below are the items available in this report:

  • Average Response Time - This KPI indicates the average time taken by an agent to answer an incoming call from the customer.
  • Abandoned Rate - The percentage of customers who abandon the queue before reaching an agent.
  • <5 minutes conversations - This includes the number of conversations where the agents have handled the conversation in less than 5 minutes. It includes both handling and wrapping up time.
    • For example, if a supervisor notices an increase in the percentage of "<5 minutes Conversations", the supervisor can recognize the repetitive nature of these short conversations and explore opportunities to implement automation - like a chatbot handling straight forward queries, updating FAQ, etc.
  • Average CSAT - It indicates the average score derived from Customer feedback (CSAT) in the conversations.
    • For example, if a supervisor notices a decline in the "Average CSAT" score, the supervisor checks the comments left by the customers and understands that longer response times is causing this problem.
    • The supervisor then identifies the area where the team needs additional training. This could improve response times and enhancing product knowledge.
  • Average Response Time - This chart displays the trend of average response time per channel.
    • For example, if a supervisor notices an increase in the "Average Response Time" for live chat, the supervisor analyses and finds out that there is an unexpected surge in chat volume due to a new product launch. Hence, the current number of chat agents is insufficient to handle the increased volume during peak hours and is struggling to maintain the usual response time standards.
    • To control this situation, the supervisor makes an immediate adjustment by reallocating agents from other channels or scheduling additional chat support staff during peak times.
  • Wait Time before Abandonment - This chart presents the trend of total waiting time before conversation gets abandoned per channel.
  • Call Transfer - The chart shows the trend of the total number of conversations transferred along with the transferred rate.
  • Abandoned Conversations - This chart exhibits the trend of abandoned conversation and abandoned rate per channel.
  • Conversations by Disposition - This chart depicts the pattern of conversations based on the disposition/sub-disposition assigned at the wrap-up. If sub-dispositions were used to conclude a conversation, they would also be displayed in the tooltip.
    • For example, if there is a Disposition "Query Answered" with a Sub-disposition "Resolved", the same will appear when you hover over the displayed data.
    • It would appear as Query Answered/Resolved.
  • Conversations per Direction - This chart shows the trend of conversations based on direction.
  • Conversations Duration - This chart shows the conversations based on the total conversation time which is in different buckets - 0 mins, 1 min or less, >1mins & <5mins and >5mins.
  • CSAT - This chart shows the CSAT %
  • Conversations - This table includes information about the conversations handled by the agents - contact details, channel used for conversation, handle time, wrap up time, etc.
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