Agent metrics

  1. In a contact center, agent metrics are key performance indicators (KPIs) that help measure and evaluate the performance of the agents.
  2. ​​Regularly monitoring and analyzing these agent metrics can help contact centers identify areas for improvement, optimize their processes, and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Below are the available agent metrics:

  • Leadership board - This provides an overview of the count of calls and chats handled by each agent in the organization.
  • Active Agents - The total number of available agents.
  • Average Handle Time - This value represents the average time spent by an agent from the beginning of the conversation when the agents accept the incoming request until the wrap-up is done.. It includes handle time, ticket creation or case creation time (if there is an active integration), and wrap-up time. 
  • Transfer Rate - The percentage of conversations that are successfully transferred by the agents.
  • Average Wrap Up Time - The average time taken in the wrap-up section after the conversation is solved. If there is an active integration with the CRM, then this will also include case/ticket creation.
  • Agent Status - This comprises the agents’ name along with the details of the active conversations, customer information, channel, duration, conversation ID, and monitor, which offers a redirect link for the supervisors to click and monitor the call in real-time.
    Note: If the agents and Supervisor are not on the same team, the supervisor cannot view their information in Agent Status. 
  • Active Conversations - This comprises the agents’ name along with the conversation details of the active conversations if the agents are handling any. If the agents are not handling any conversations, then only agent names are available along with their status.
    Note: The supervisor can view all of the agents' information, regardless of whether the agent and team belong to the same team.

How this metrics help:

  • In the Leadership board, the Supervisor finds that Agent A has successfully handled a high volume of calls + chats, whereas, Agent B has a lower count of calls handled compared to the expected volume.
    • In such cases, the Supervisor can stay on top of customer calls in real-time with our enhanced monitoring feature available in Live Agents.
    • Supervisors can ensure call quality and compliance while they happen, resulting in improved oversight and increased customer satisfaction.
    • Additionally, they can provide real-time guidance during customer calls, helping agents deliver exceptional service.
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